Real time vs Reel time marketing

Marketing and promotional materials are a thing in the modern business atmosphere with a strong idea of real-time marketing. This brings up the urge to respond to prospects and customers at the very moment of action taken by them in different means like filling up of a form, reacting to [---]

Why is customer experience the REAL SELLER?

How many repeating customers do you have, or atleast how many referrals have converted for you? If the answer is NOT MANY, then I suppose you are not having happy customers! Not many a times, but most of the time, it’s not your product or the service that primarily sets your brand [---]

How to write a perfect business email?

Writing emails, receiving responses and progressing in a communicative environment is how our routines are designed on the clock. Be it business or personal, communicating effectively is very important. Writing an email to your boss, client, friend or a relative can be complacent but writing one [---]

Why should you invest in our email datasets ?

Email marketing or using promotional emails to get your brand message across to the audience might sound a little old school, but they have still survived the internet storm!. Many high profile individuals have made it a habit to check their emails as they wake up, don’t you think [---]

How to start your year with new plans ?

Every year is a new beginning, every week is a new episode and every day is a new chapter…let AJ Datamines help you plan the best profitable year so far with a new beginning. You must have had a great time with family on your winter vacations during Christmas, but when is your business [---]

Top 5 benefits of cleansed data

Cleansed data is the most important part of any marketing campaign or promotional material. Clean data gives you access to verified information about a particular prospect and this helps you to directly get in touch with the prospects. A cleansed database will contain verified contact [---]

How to celebrate the New Year?

Winter on the roll, Christmas in the air and New Year around the corner…it’s the perfect time to let out the craziness in you! Memories made, people met, miles traveled, goals accomplished and love spread...the year ahead is solidly fueled by the experiences of the previous 365 days. [---]

Celebrate Business, Celebrate Christmas

This snowfall, don’t let your business fall! People all around the world get incredibly excited at its first snowfall knowing that Christmas is around the corner. Shopping for new cloths, electronics, planning winter vacations and craving for delicacies…this is the season of celebration! [---]

Evolution and Perks of Email Marketing

The evolution has come a long way, and if you think that email marketing has not survived the storm, think again! With many established online businesses generating revenue through their email campaigns and promotions, it is evident the approach is still vital. [---]

Top 5 Ways to Use Our Email Datasets

Email marketing is nevertheless the most easily available medium of communication from any business to its audiences and customers. Let’s not make communication complicated, how many times a day do you check your email when compared to your WhatsApp? [---]

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