With the business eco-space being flooded by enough digital marketing tactics, you must be wondering if it was still fine to be paying attention to email marketing? Well, though some are ignorant enough to believe that “email marketing is extinct”, there is still much hope that lies behind its unknown secrets and yet to be discovered strategies.

Email Marketing still holds a fair share in the lives of professionals, individuals, and consumers who prefer to stay updated via emails and consider as a complete medium for communication. Let’s speak of facts, almost every individual that is present in our contact list definitely hold an email address, maybe more! There are possibilities that they can be your potential customers if targeted and marketed precisely to their demands and needs.

According to research and surveys, more than 3.6 billion people worldwide use email for day to day communications. That contributes to almost 53% of the world’s population! Other studies and researches state that 92% of adults in the United States use email, and about 62% of these email users are actively checking and communicating via emails on every average day. AJ Datamines email marketing strategies can be very beneficial in targeting this large group of professionals across the globe. By adding Email Marketing to your list of digital marketing strategies, your businesses can extend their reach and visibility, enabling you to convert more and bring in more profits consistently.

Not only does Email Marketing Services from AJ Datamines gives you the added advantage of reaching to the right prospect but also it helps you bring in more innovative marketing strategies to creatively target every different customer base.

How can AJ Datamines Email Marketing Services be beneficial for your business?

Email Marketing is an innovative approach to reach your desired target prospects present across vivid platforms and industries. This type of direct marketing involves sending promotional mailers to businesses via electronic mail (EMAIL) to a group of target prospects and customers. It is widely used as an efficient and effective medium with a minimum budget to reach new customers and to build brand awareness amidst a new crowd.

The role of Email Marketing for sales and marketing folks are continuing to grow stronger, beyond the hurdles of increasing popularity for social media channels and other forms of text messages. Here are some to be mentioned benefits of Email Marketing –

  • Drastically Increases your Brand Awareness Email Marketing enables any business to personalize their purpose and message in a very tailored form to reach the target audience with a better impact. It is also beneficial to segment the users to effectively create brand awareness by selectively marketing to a classified group of professionals.
  • Measurable channel for online marketing It is interesting how we can measure the metrics of Email Marketing strategies and improvise it on making the most of your marketing campaigns. We can see the number of opens, interests and the bounce rates to better customize our emailers to perform better in the future.
  • A Cost-effective strategy that yields better results : You don’t need big bucks to build a kick-ass Email Marketing strategy. It is the most cost-effective channel to reach the millions out there with one mail at a time. Emailers if built creatively can have more open rates and which eventually can contribute to higher closure rates. AJ Datamines provides the most reliable email marketing strategies to help your business make the most of it.

Is your business making the most out of its Email Marketing campaigns? There could be some challenges that you encounter while trying to build a highly responsive email marketing strategy. AJ Datamines is here to help you overcome those hurdles and deliver the best to your clients. Wait, we are not done yet! Get in touch with us for more Email Marketing tips…

Get in touch with us for more Email Marketing tips...

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