A well-constructed CRM system becomes a company’s most important asset. A CRM lets you manage all the important marketing data and your multichannel marketing strategies by allowing you to track the response rate for your product or service. Lately, most CRM products and technology tracking software applications are on a constant demand in the technology markets.

We, at AJ Datamines, will build you the customized email list of CRM and related users based on our rigorous research over the CRM market. You can now directly get in touch with the decision makers using our CRM users email list and make more conversions.

Why do you need our email lists?

  • Expand your business reach by directly engaging with prospects via our CRM and related users mailing lists
  • Our Opt-in email lists will keep you away from landing in the spam
  • We consider security as a primary factor and all our email lists are compliant to CAN-SPAM and GDPR
  • Our expert teams are just a click away. Get assistance 24/7
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Benefits of AJ Datamines CRM and related mailing lists!

  • We have the global reach, where ever you live, we help you market to the world
  • We are always hitting the apex when it comes to being updated with our email lists
  • We are a little OCD! Hence all our email lists are accurately segregated based on business needs
  • All our contacts are tele-verified and authentic
  • We maintain a solid 95% deliverability rate with our email lists


Classification of CRM systems

  • Marketing
    Ourmarketing-basedCRM users email lists are precisely focused on giving your marketing strategies the edge over other businesses. We do that by letting you get in touch with prospects who will supply you with CRM applications that enhance your business performance by reaching to the masses. (ADD CTA)
  • Sales
    The sales-oriented CRM and related email contacts help streamline the sales game and eventually enhances the mobility of sales folks. The database and all your work-related files can be accessed on multiple cloud devices and from different geographical locations. (ADD CTA)
  • Customer Support
    AJ Datamines is known for its superior list of refined Customer Support CRM users email lists. These CRM and related email lists will give you direct entry into the technology market segment allowing you to discover more new prospects and engage better with customers. (ADD CTA)
  • Other
    The ultimate goal of supplying clients with effective CRM users email lists is to introduce them to new connects. These targeted email lists will help you advertise smartly to a whole new base of users and eventually expand your business. (ADD CTA)

We give you the chance to tell the world about your product and service by selectively targeting the decision makers