AJ Datamines global Data Verification service can eliminate about 95% of bad and inactive email contacts. Using our data verification process, you can increase deliverability of email campaigns and avoid any sorts of high bounce rates and blacklisting. This directly influences the goodwill and reputation of the sender.

All data which is procured externally should be verified before they are integrated with your master database. Our verification process helps you maintain the quality of your database while our robust data verification process is included in your data procurement procedure.

AJ Datamines data verification process ensures high quality of data, precision, and adherence to authentic prospects. We follow both automatic and manual processes of data verification to maintain zero margins for error.

How can AJ Datamines Data Verification Services be beneficial for your business?

  • Get rid of Email Bounce Rates
    Email deliverability is the primary step in getting your email blasts noticed. If you haven’t run your email list through our validation process, you might encounter a bounce rate increasing over 2%, which is the standard industry rate. Reaching out to those email addresses will affect you with poor deliverability eventually leading to a bad sender reputation.

    Utilize your campaigns to its fullest by maintaining hygienic email connections, this will ensure the safe journey into your prospects inbox. Having a Zero Bounce A.I increases your email deliverability and protects your sender reputation against spam and invalid communication. Our unique email scrubbing system can remove invalid addresses from your email lists and evade bounces.
  • We got you the Spam Trap & Abuse Email Checker
    Spam traps do not belong to real people, so having them in your list will taint your sender reputation or worse…get you blacklisted!

    AJ Datamines unique email scrub process will clean your list and identify any sorts of risky email connections. We can identify many of the spam traps in your database and eliminate it in the quickest turnaround time.

    Unlike the Spam traps, the Abuse emails are owned by real people who often mark emails as Spam. Reaching out to these individuals will eventually get you labeled as a spam sender. This is the cause why Internet Service Providers block your emails from reaching the inbox of recipients.
  • A.I. Email Scoring and Catch-All Validation System
    Validating your Email list is the foundation of a healthy email database. Feeding on technology, the Zero Bounce A.I. is an intelligent email scoring system that uses artificial intelligence to scale your value proposition of an email address. You can also gather knowledge about which catch-all emails are risky to send out to your prospects based on their quality score. On the whole, the Zero Bounce AI system enables you to find out the health of your email list using the premier scoring system!

What else can you do with our Data Verification service?

  • Ping individual email to ensure it is active and can receive emails to ensure a successful campaign
  • Improve the deliverability by editing and correcting typos or illegal characters that might lead to high bounce rates or blacklisting
  • Reduce fraudulent emails by confirming only valid reception from established channels
  • Maintain GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance with FCC mobile domain detection

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