Appending Data or Appending Services are a very important aspect of any business that serves the B2B or B2C prospects. To reach the targeted user base, you need quick and reliable Data Appending Solutions provider. At AJ Datamines, we help you reach out to a larger audience base which will enable you to directly engage the target prospects. Our services will collate in all your data, from different platforms across the web space and build a more effective catalogue of email datasets that will empower your advertising and marketing campaigns.

AJ Datamines offers you a unique Appending Services that will crawl over your dataset and match with our database and fetch the most up-to-date information and update it in the master sheet. This exercise helps you get a refined mailing list and create more mileage for your campaigns. This information will equip your sales team and marketers to contact targeted prospects by filtering them based on job titles, geography, revenue scale and size of the firm.

AJ Datamines Appending Services can help your business grow!

The end goal is to land at your prospects inbox! Keep them updated about the upcoming projects and your new offerings via the marketing materials using our email datasets.

Our Appending services ensures every right detail is checked and replaced with authentic and latest changes to create a trustworthy datasheet that aids your marketing efforts –

  • How is our data acquired? – At AJ Datamines, every contact is thoroughly checked and validated for errors; this helps our experts to identify and replace the old data with the updated ones. This data is then verified by our team of data scientists and professionals to finally approve it for client use.
  • Double checked and verified – Every single data gathered by AJ Datamines is Tele-verified and checked by reliable web sources for its genuineness. We ensure that every data in our vault is new and updated timely to provide clients with maximum deliverability.
  • Appending services for both domestic and international prospects lists – Our Appending Services feeds on a large network of an email database from global sources. We not only verify and append domestic data but also address international requirements. With AJ Datamines, you can expect verified data for both domestic and international prospects.

AJ Datamines is your one stop solution for all Email Appending Services.

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We give you the chance to tell the world about your product and service by selectively targeting the decision makers