At AJ Datamines, we supply exceptional B2B Data account intelligence services that covers all accurate information your business needs, right from company intelligence to business intelligence…you can avail all types of information required. Create your own database and manage your connections using our Data Enrichment Services. We ensure all our email appending, cleansing, data verification services will lead to generating better profits for the firms.

We offer Database Intelligence services that enhance overall accuracy and authenticity of every email prospect. Our methodology is well thought out to meet your demands and reap better ROI on your marketing and sales activities.

Benefits of AJ Datamines Account Intelligence Services:

  • Complete insights into prospects database for targeted marketing campaigning
  • We highlight companies with potential decision makers for enhanced business communications
  • We equip your sales teams with precise database intelligence and help them engage with new and existing prospects

How does AJ Datamines Account Intelligence Services help your business progress?

The marketing and sales campaigns of businesses can reap better profits only if the strategies are put to use with targeted promotions and towards the right prospects.

It is no more technical hurdle to understand the preferences and render tailored services according to the clients’ specifications. Being equipped with our email datasets, you can easily understand the requirements, decision-making abilities and limitations of a potential prospect. Our account based approach primarily focuses on a particular prospect; this enables the companies to understand their audience on a personal level and engage better with tailored campaigns and sales pitches.

With AJ Datamines account intelligence services, you can –

  • Handle data and maintain it with utmost precision.
  • Validate your past data through our account validation and verification methods.
  • Reduce the burden of costs that incur in the maintenance of your database.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your data.
  • Use modified marketing and sales strategies to your advantage along with our data intelligence.

Market better and sell more, engage your prospects with AJ Datamines account intelligence services for increased profit ratios.

Reach us for the services that best suit your business interest.

We give you the chance to tell the world about your product and service by selectively targeting the decision makers