AJ Datamines value every individual’s privacy, it remains the top priority to us and we also ensure that the data gathered along with personal information shall be labelled immune against any misuse. With regards to the above made statement, we have established the below policy that we have adhered to our business functions.


General Data Protection Regulation is the top most priority to our business. We ensure every email prospect is acquired in the right way adhering to all legal and federal regulations. Focused on the EU citizens and businesses that include EU citizens, the GDPR compliance ensures safety of data acquisition and also its rightful use only for business purpose.

Protecting consumer data in the European Union is followed strictly by our data experts and all our details are collected from reliable global directories and other sources with a strict verification process.

AJ Datamines is more attentive towards protecting consumer personal details and do not allow any sorts of data breach whatsoever!


The CAN-SPAM act of 2003 has brought all nations under a strict data protection roof to ensure a proper functioning of commercial messaging and promotions. The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that imposes rules for commercial email, sets a protocol for commercial messages and also provides its recipients the authority to stop receiving your emails. If any of the amendments and rules are not followed, the law can spell out tough penalties.

This might all seem worked up, but once you have opted to follow the regulations of CAN-SPAM, using the email datasets will be easy and secure.

Fraud Alert

AJ Datamines is an independent organization and does not conduct business using 3rd party or other such unregistered channels. We run operations from US and from our Indian branch; apart from this we do not have roots in any other countries.

If you receive any promotional materials or other emails that claim to be a part of our organization kindly do not entertain. We have done the best to keep our identity and functioning secure and safe, please beware of fraudsters.

If you ever come across any such suspicious accounts, please reach us @ info@ajdatamines.com or call us at +1 940 489 4288

Data collection methodology

We gather data from many of the business facing brands, B2B directories and other such sources. The personal information of every prospect is zeroed down to name, postal address, email ID and phone number.
Data is also verified and gathered from census archives, public records, subscriptions and other surveys. Each and every data is legally gathered and safely managed without harming the interest and privacy of the prospects.

Customer Information Management

Personal information will not be shared, sold to 3rd party, disclosed or rented by AJ Datamines without informing the concerned customer or unless required legally. We will use the acquired information solely for the business purpose with regards to our services.
AJ Datamines will use the prospects information collected from the control panel only to reach out to the customer if he is in need of our services.
All data gathered by AJ Datamines has wide-ranging data elements from customers to businesses alike.
We gather data only through rigorous research and from reliable sources to ensure maximum deliverability and to keep top notch quality of our datasets.
We adhere to all federal policies and go by the law while conducting business practices.

Newsletter Subscription Terms Information

AJ Datamines is not entitled to offer email rental services or share any email addresses with our email subscribers. We also do not sell, share or disclose our customer information.
Customer will have control and ownership with regards to our subscription list at all times.
Our team of data experts have taken industry standard measures to provide the best and the most authentic information to every business.


By accepting to the terms of this policy, you also acknowledge that any external links visited from our website shall be at your own risk and conditions. We do not promote any external links in our website.

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