The main concern from the advertiser perspective is making a purchase of advertising space on other publishing websites in order to reach their target audience. At AJ Datamines, we have a finely classified list of Digital Advertising users email base; this will help you do the direct person-to-person deals by strategically marketing your emails to them.

There are many channels available for advertisers to place their ads and include tools that help them maintain those ad campaigns present in different courses. Additionally, digital advertisers have plenty to think about to make it a little simpler for them, we AJ Datamines have collected a breakdown of users lists based on the sub categorization of each channel to supply them the background needed to implement their online advertising strategy.

Why do you need our email lists?

  • Gain deep insights into the email market.
  • Constantly updated and verified email lists.
  • Enhance your marketing strategies.
  • Direct interaction with desired prospects.
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Benefits of AJ Datamines Digital Advertising users mailing lists!

  • Smart cost cutting for solid marketing campaigns.
  • We have a list of Digital Advertisers that cover the whole market.
  • We are GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • We provide 24/7 customer support.
  • Our email users list consists of global prospects that are constantly updated and verified.


Classification of Digital Advertising user's

  • Ad Network Software
    Ad Network Software Tools connects advertisers to the web and app publishers. This software tool aggregates ad inventory from multiple websites and applications and matches it with advertisers demand to accommodate the digital advertising buying process. AJ Datamines understands this networking importance and has gathered a list of convertible prospects that can help enhance the potential of ad placements and improve the performance of ads. Reach us out to discuss the email packages. (ADD CTA)
  • Advertiser Campaign Management Software
    Advertiser Campaign Management software tools are used by advertisers to purchase, manage, and track their online ads. There is a vast market for these tools universally; we have deeply researched the database for Advertiser Campaign Management Software users email lists so you can directly engage with your target crowd without middlemen. This software can be used for various digital advertising including display, search, mobile, social, and video and much more. (ADD CTA)
  • Data Management Platform Software
    Data management platforms software tools are the central hubs that store all of the company’s data related to the customer, audience, and marketing and analyzes it accordingly. We understand this is a significant tool for your company and we serve you the best Data Management Platform Software users lists that will help your business reach new markets and excel. Let us help you occupy and modify more, reach us for powerful mailing lists. (ADD CTA)
  • Other Digital Advertising Software
    In the modern marketing era, Digital Advertising Software applications have been doing relatively great. Many businesses have advanced by choosing software tools that perfectly assist their marketing campaigns and those that are easy to monitor. We have one such fascinating list of Digital Advertising Software prospects mailing list that will be very helpful in your multi channel social campaigns. (ADD CTA)
  • Publisher Ad Management Software
    Publisher Ad Management software applications are used by publishers to maintain and sell advertisement inventory on their websites. By doing so, they can define and understand the key to enhancing their marketing strategies over online portals. At AJ Datamines, we have picked up a premium set of connects associated with Publisher Ad Management Software that will help your business expand and the publishers to monetize their content. Call us today for a categorized set of Ad Management Software users lists. (ADD CTA)

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