Biopharmaceuticals belong to the most sophisticated and elegant inventions of the 21st-century science. Built with complex structures, these drugs don’t just look extraordinary in the 3D platform systems used to design them but they also perform precisely as required by offering high efficacy and fewer side effects. B2B Marketers and other industry experts predict the Biopharmaceuticals to sooner or later become the core of the pharmaceutical industry along with a significant transformation in the laboratory as well as the strategy, technology, and operations department.

AJ Datamines states that this Biopharmaceuticals Industry Mailing List is selling like gold in the recent times and they are however generating steady global revenue of $163 billion and more, contributing up to 20 percent of the total pharma market. This is one of the fastest-growing parts of the industry, currently, the biopharma’s annual growth consists of more than 8 percent and is double than the conventional pharma. Seeking the email connects to the right prospects in the Biopharmaceuticals might lead you to acquire a potential business in this continuously growing segment. The added advantage here is the efficacy and safety associated with the biopharmaceutical products that along with their ability to address previously untreatable sickness, make pharma companies demand higher prices for innovative drugs.

As you get into understanding the Biopharmaceutical Industry deeper, you get to discover more potential markets in its sub sectors and we have just covered the major part of it all!

These mailing lists can be a great ticket to touching all the high notes of the Biopharmaceutical Industry, let’s explore –

Innovative chemically-derived drugs

They are carefully developed from extensive R&D and other clinical trials in both humans and animals. The professionals responsible for these drugs rely on regulatory data protection and patents along with intellectual property rights to justify the investment required to place the product on the market. AJ Datamines have successfully pooled in small and large players in the Innovative Chemically-derived drugs segment in an accurate mailing list. Our Innovative Chemically-derived Drugs users mailing datasets have the more profiled individuals in the market who have been shortlisted by our data scientist for further engagement.

Generic drugs

These are a different category of pills that are copies of innovative pharmaceuticals which carry the same active compositions and ingredient that are identical in dosage, strength, and administration purposes. AJ Datamines Generic Drugs email datasets have been prepared by a reliable research model to support marketing requirements. The markets for Generic Drugs are vast and they typically focus on high volumes to double the profits, by adhering to efficient production methods and quicker distribution channels. Generic Drugs market was estimated to be achieving $380 billion by the end of 2017, with such metrics, it is highly advisable to pick the best email datasets to strengthen your marketing efforts amidst the Generic Drugs marketers.

Biotech drugs

The Biotech Drugs consists of vaccines, therapeutic proteins, blood components, tissues, and more. Our Biotech Drugs email datasets are an important asset for any outbound marketing strategy. Lately, the Biologic medicines are leading the pack by revolutionizing the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disorders that are turning out to becoming highly critical to the future of the medical industry. AJ Datamines Biotech Drugs mailing lists will help you reach to the right direction and seek better results.


These are the versions of biologic products that are similar to the original products that are submitted for marketing approval from the regulatory body. The recent studies have suggested the biosimilars market is expected to hit a high with an approval pathway set up in the United States. Our latest collection of Biosimilar user mailing lists will get you closer to the right market giants and let you engage your business at a higher level.

Over-the-counter drugs

TThis is the most known and commonly referred to by any medic! Being a class apart from innovative and generic drugs, the OTCD does not need a prescription to purchase them. OTC drugs are considered by regulators to be safe for self-diagnosis and self-medication, this makes the OTC sector a vast among its counterparts. AJ Datamines have fished in all the market players from across the globe for the OTC segment and have framed them carefully in the Over the Counter drugs email datasets for complete email marketing requirements.

Emerging sectors

This class of Biopharmaceuticals includes precision medicine and regenerative medicine. Precision medicine includes treatment approaches whereas Regenerative medicine includes rapidly evolving technological advancements in the medical fields such as cell therapy and tissue replacement. Both these technologies are booming well in the current market and having a solid mailing list to reach out to these folks is a jackpot. AJ Datamines have built a fine list of decision makers and medical professionals who are associated with these segments and you can find it all in our Emerging Sector mailing list exclusively built for marketers.


Why do we need Biopharmaceuticals Industry Mailing List?

Biopharmaceutical Industry mailing list becomes a compulsion when you decide to go global in search of desired prospects that mean business to you. These mailing lists are a step closer to engaging with pharmacists, medical practitioners, decision-makers in the medical segment and other professionals who can help you make more profits.

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